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to look real cute or have a nice body
"girl you are bussin in that dress" .

"damn home girl is bussin"

"i know do you see dat ass"
by moneyLOVINb April 14, 2010
The act of cracking or "busting" jokes on someone.
You just gon let em keep 'bussin' on your nose Dub?
by jigu April 19, 2009
1.) A word to describe something amazing or just plain awesome.
2.) When someone hates on you or tries to make fun of you.
3.) Something really stupid.
1.) Woah! These waves are bussin', dude!
2.) Hey punk, stop bussin' on me.
3.) Our homework is so bussin'...
by JayDoggie February 06, 2009
new definition for tight or cool
Yo your new shoes are bussin.
by pretty boi Mack August 14, 2006