Goth were first Dicsovered in medievil times...

1) Goths normally say they are better than you... Well guess what.. they are!!

2)Goths show complete disregard to towniez (A form of Human that Has come from a broken home, And Cant Afford Real clothes or anything that costs more than £5 or hasn't got burberry on it.... And Leigh Park "Townie Central" Created one of the Shittest bands ever.)
(A Goth innoscently walking down the road.. Confronted By a Townie);

Townie:"Oi.. You stupid Fukin Goth"
Townie:"Uhm.. (Didn't epect goth to reply).. Your Mum!! "
Goth:"Just Fuck Off You Stupid Townie"
by Townies enemy #1 December 19, 2004
Sub-culture that takes it name from a pacifist framer tribe, that was enslaved by Roman for a long time until they got feed up and conquered Rome.
Goths are cool dude.
by William November 25, 2004
many people associate goths as "devil worshippers" or suicidal or just plain weird!
this definition however is not tru at all. Goths are individuals, they are normally very clever, artistic and hav a fun wild side to them.
They do not dress to scare people, wiv their black make up or white faces, they dress like this because it's them and that's just their style.They dont care what other people think of them and frown on the people who look down on the way they dress.
Goths are smart and dont giv a damn bout the criticism they get frm the so called "popular" people.
goths brought civilisation
by minty July 11, 2004
Once whom is a "goth" is off-set onto many different definitions.

Stereotype goths, such as the people whom work at and/or shop at Hot Topic, are the standard of what one what think as a goth. Your stereotypical goth usually consists of....
-Listening to Heavy Metal
-Wears a LOT of chains/spikes
-Dresses in all black
-Hate anything colorful
-Write (not very good) poetry
-Idolizes "Jack" from The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Do numerous drugs

Not all goths are like this, but many goths hate to socialize outside of their sub-society. Not all goths are miserable. But those whom do may not know why.And some goths only use their label as an excuse to use the Goth fashion.

In all, there are just as many good things about goths as there are bad things.
Not all Goths are bad people. But some goths are just there to make us REAL miserable people look bad.
by DruidMettool June 10, 2004
Ancient 3rd and 4th Century Germanic people that invaded the Roman Empire; aiding in its fall, a style of architecture, music, art, fashion, and literature that has been degraded to (mostly, not all) selfless, ignorant teenagers that can't cope with life, and find that dressing in black, wearing black make-up, listening to heavy metal, and cutting themselves is the answer to their 'horrible life.'

For some of them, they're just pessimistic.. but atleast some of they actually have a sense of grammar, and.. some sorts of intelligence.
Kiddies out there with abusive parents, who are 'goth', don't cut yourself. There's something called.. police.
by Samantha June 07, 2004
1) A person who dresses different. Most goths dress in black. Goths do not worship Satan and are not suicidal. You can be a suicidal goth, but you can also be a suicidal prep. Alot of goths are fun, perky, smart, creative, sarcastic (mostly) and some wear bright clothing. A gothic person can be whatever they want to be. Even if you dont wear "goth clothing" you could be a goth. A goth is a person who calls themself a goth.

2) A type of music.

3) An old type of architecture.

4) A barbarian tribe.
1) I am definately a goth
2) Did you hear that new goth song?
3) That is a beautiful gothic church.
4) We are studying about the goths.
by Vampy January 11, 2004
Somebody who is tricked by other goths into thinking that dressing in all black, dyeing their hair, and saying "anticonformist stuff will set them apart from the "Sheeple" <- people who act like sheep, aka conformists. but in reality, they are merely conforming to an anti-conformitist role. doesn't make sence, i know.
All GOTHS EVER: I hate you for loving (mainstream item) thats why you are a loser conformist.
Me: go eat a razor, and stop acting like every other goth. Ever
by Eppiccnniicckk November 15, 2009

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