In reference to the subculture;
A term that has been thrown around so much these days, who knows what it actually means. I know that, it seems to be defined by the music you listen to... which I think, personally, is ridiculous. Even some of the the open minded people who say they are goth assume that all fans of slipknot and manson are posers, and think that they're badass because they listen to that music. Well, here's a newsflash- goths can wear tons of different styles of clothes and listen to different styles of music. Just because someone listens to Slipknot or Marilyn Manson (can't defend linkin park, though...) doesn't mean they are poser. There are a lot of types of goths, and suggesting music defines the person is just stupid and close-minded. So, instead of listening to all these people saying "goths are depressed, suicidal satanists (which, btw, isnt the evil religion people make it out to be o.O)" ALONG with "all people who like slipknot and manson are posers who think theyre goths and are just trying to be 'cool'", why don't you listen to me and the other people with brains out there who know that "goth" doesn't rely on music or religion or anything like that.
(shortened version: a subculture that ISN'T just about wearing black nail polish and listening to certain music and its hard to define it, because theyre all so different.)
Goths are not all alike, and music doesn't make the goth.
by vaela March 08, 2005
A follower/fan of music that was different/older/barbaric compared to others. There is really no specific type, as pop can also be included. There is also not necessarily much else in common, as with any other group. A "goth" can be anyone, assuming they enjoy the music described.

Misuse has also applied the term to metalheads, industrial fans, and the "suicidal" yuppie children. The bands currently labeled incorrectly as gothic include Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and most nu-metal, or industrial-metal hybrids.
Joy Division were gothic compared to the rest of the music scene.
by thischarmingman June 03, 2004
Generally speaking, most goths hate the title. those that actually like the title are more often than not posers. They generally wear black, but many just wear colors that people won't expect (example: neon paisly-pattern pants (yes, i actually know someone that wears them on a regular basis)).

Goths are generally seen as depressed or clinically insane, but this is not neccesarily true. The depression came from the black clothes, i think, and the clinically insane rumor -so far as i know- sparked because they tend to be very open about conflicting sides of themselves -like a conscience and a rebel and all those other wierd urges- and some that i know give their contrasting sides names. hence shcitsophrenia rumors.

And no, goth is NOT in the music one listens to! some rides on the lyrics, but what really matters is WHY a person listens to their music. I actually have goth friends that admit to liking a few Britney Spears songs (*cold shivers*).
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Probably not, but I don't really want to wait for you to explain whatever you were going to explain, so yeah! great idea! You wear the fake beard, I'll hide in the ventilation shaft." <--actual dialogue
by sylense May 06, 2004
Goth and Emo are basically the same thing. There are the posers and the real ones. The posers will completely conform to the stereotype because they think it is cool. They will dress in a fashion of what they see depicted on the internet. The real ones will just create their own style because they don't like conformism. They see beauty in the darker side of life. What is a rose without thorns?
Real Goth/Emo: That kids a poser
Other Real Goth/Emo: yeah. He's just doing it because he thinks it is cool
by xxThatDudexx November 25, 2011
What happens when an emo and a ninja breed.
by 3pikDAMO May 16, 2011
One who feels Halloween is everyday, loves any kind of music with dark lyrics and a beat that is appealing to their unique self, most likely express themselves artistically, often are nocturnal, decorate with darker things such as: dragons, dark fairies, skulls, horror movie figurines, music and movie posters, dark angels, and so on. They excel in things like writing, painting, drawing, theater, clothes making, ect. Clothing may vary, but black and silver seem to be what they commonly wear. They're open minded and not afraid of being themselves.
by Gothic_Mama June 04, 2010
A “Goth” is a member of a southern Scandinavian tribe originating from “Gotaland”, an island off the coast of modern-day Sweden. Famous for their wandering emigration, which coursed through eastern Europe over several generations, they ultimately settled in various parts of the Western Roman Empire. The two main branches were the “Ostrogoths”, who settled primarily in the Italian peninsula and in regions north thereof, and the “Visigoths”, who ultimately controlled much of the Iberian peninsula.

Many children who possess poor posture, emotional frailty, lack of vigor, strength, or endurance, sheepishness, melodramatic sensitivity, nearly pathological conformity to others' manner of dress and hairstyles, and absolutely pathological self-hatred toward their own personal, natural individuality and self-image erroneously use the term “goth” to describe themselves.

In reality, not a more antithetical term could have been chosen.

Goths did not spend two hours in the morning getting their bangs “just right”, because hair obscuring the vision of one eye would make archery and swordplay far less effective. While a twenty-something “goth” quietly spends a gargantuan amount of time painting his nails and scouring thrift stores for girls clothing in the 21st century (HOMO!), a twenty-something Goth would have been calling conventions between other chieftains, devising logistical and tactical plans against a common enemy (COOL).
by Aharon The First May 27, 2010

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