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I have read most of the definitions on this page. Most are not true. In fact, over half on here are defiantly not happy with their lives, if they need to mock or threaten other cultures… same with religion, I must say. If Christians have such a strong belief in god and are happy with it, why do they need to poke at Satanists or pagans. Be proud of what you believe in, there are now laws protecting Satanists and occults.

There is hardly anything left of the 'Goth' scene today, all of the Goths either dress like eras from the past or either what they think the future will look like.

Being ‘Goth’ is not about self inflicted harm. Some of you may have serous problems and feel suicidal and may self harm. Do not boast about cutting for attention, and then complain about the more popular people round you needing attention all the time. Some of you may be unhappy, some incredibly happy with their lives. Cyber ‘Goths’ are always clubbing and dancing, they are labeled Goth and yet they are not dressing to show off that they cut themselves. If you had serous pain in some time of your live, and want to show people that you are ok now, proudly show your scars, it proves that you lived through drug abuse/child abuse or anything that made you commit that.

To all the teenagers out there who are dressing in black and claiming to be members of an occult, and always complain about not being around other people and have no friends. Why do you dress like that? It’s just intimidating and none of the other students your age will want to know you.

As for the others, be yourself. If being Goth means you have to force yourself to listen to music that sounds naturally bad, then why do you do it? If it is because all your friends or 'posse' are Goth, if they are truly your friends, they will understand if you want to become not Goth.

Isn’t this true?
If you complain, then you must defiantly be those I just explained. Listen to other peoples opinions, but question them if it needs questioning.

And just one last thing. This was written by a 13 year old. Just to let you know, i am not a hypocrite. I am proud of every word I say. If you saw me, you would not even know.
If you do know what I mean.
1. Goth could be anything you want it to be,there are so many types or areas of 'goths'.
by snow_immortal June 25, 2005

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