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The Sisters of Mercy are a Post-Punk and Goth Rock band fronted by the somewhat arrogant Andrew Eldritch, who is now the only original member left in the band.

While Eldritch often bitches about how the band is not "Goth Rock", it is considered by almost all who are educated on the subject to be one of the greatest first generation Goth Rock bands.

They made two good albums: First And Last And Always and Floodland. Then, most likely in an attempt to sever all connections with the "goth" label, Eldritch made the hard-rock piece of crap that is Vision Thing (Ribbons being the only decent song).

Their two compilation albums, Some Girls Wander By Mistake and A Slight Case of Overbombing (their Greatest Hits), are both fun listens.

The band is also known for their somewhat cryptic lyrics.

Their sound is similar to that of Fields of the Nephilim, Big Electric Cat, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and even some Joy Division songs.

The other members of the band created the bands Ghost Dance and The Mission (known in the USA as The Mission UK), both of which were decent bands.

The most popular Sisters of Mercy song is Lucretia My Reflection.
The Sisters of Mercy were an awesome goth rock band.
by ScarexCrow February 13, 2008
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