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A slang word for PENIS, used mainly in VQM language all across Toronto, Ontario.

Combined with the work CHUCK, means a 'Blow Job' again mainly in VQM language.
" she touched my GOOSE! "
" hey baby, wanna see my GOOSE? "

" just link a little GOOSECHUCK "
" does that bitch give GOOSECHUCK? "
by SpHiNxXx October 06, 2006
3 27
when i misspell good... i put goos
its goose
goose means good.
gregs writing is very goose
by neil sheldon August 12, 2006
3 27
the motion of quickly grabbing and sqeezing the area near the private parts just below the buttocks with all 5 fingers. usually done by suprise and executed by the male onto the female. men don't goose men and women don't goose men.
ouch! he goosed me!
i'm gonna give her the goose.
by dead_eye July 28, 2003
20 44
The plural form of goose is geese for only two birds. where as gooses is for three or more.
there are many gooses in the world. and i want to eat some geese (2)
by moosey July 07, 2004
9 35
short way of saying grey goose vodka
pass up the goose
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
209 236
A verb, which means to take your fingers and jam them into a person's ass or genital area. Generally it is considered sexual assault, unless you are very clever or the person you are doing it to is really laid back.
Damn! She's fine! I'm about to straight goose that bitch!

That bitch creamed herself after being goosed.
by George Adams May 13, 2006
107 137
From the verb to goose, meaning fuck
also goosing and goosed
I want to goose you
I've goosed the computer
I caught you goosing your sister
by Stu Liddle November 24, 2003
16 48