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From the verb to goose, meaning fuck
also goosing and goosed
I want to goose you
I've goosed the computer
I caught you goosing your sister
by Stu Liddle November 24, 2003
The saggy vaginal lips of a desperate slutty girl.The vaginal lips droop lower than a 90year old womans tits
"katie has a goose!"
" lol"
by wesleythegreat June 12, 2008
V. To have Sex, To Fuck
"what you doin after school with mary jane? GOOSE?!"
"Yup, I GOOSED those already"
by goosing May 10, 2007
a street prostitute or "whore"
"yo maaaad goose!"
"dl goose"
"cop mad goose"
by CeePeeGee November 29, 2006
Verb; "to goose". Basically it's when you do a rape, its called "goosing".

Named after Goose, who pioneered the art of goosing by combining the activities of suprise sex and having a silly name.
"Shit dude! That girls covered in blood!"

"Probably been goosed"

"But her leg is broken!"

by pagemeister May 03, 2008