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goosing is where your stood behind an unsuspecting victim, you curl your hand in between there legs and grab hold of there genitals.
mimicking the shape of a goose's neck....
last night i was pissed in the pub and my mate dilbert went over too mad dogs mum and gave her the goosing of a life time who was not impressed.
by L briggs September 24, 2006
Pinching someone's bum and running away. As in the attack on Sue Turton on Channel 4 News (UK).
He crept up behind her and gave her a good goosing.
by Adam Dexter August 02, 2007
Poking someone in the butt (mainly the hole) through clothing, and yelling out "goose!"

1. Goosing; when one sticks their finger in a hole it does not belong.


Hayley: -gooses Lani-

Lani: -screams in annoyance-

Hayley: Goose! You've been goosed! I goosed you!

Lani: Quit goosing me!!
by shartqueefa September 08, 2015
Goosing 4 fingers in the vagina, thumb up the ass anus, catch the girl by surprise and she'll scream like a goose.
"Man, I was goosing jenny so hard last night. She'll be eating bread for a week"
by couchdog August 07, 2014
abandoning a friend while you were being his wing man caused by social awkwardness,inhiberation or ejecting from a jet.
ex 1:" I was talking to these girls but my friend kept goosing by talking about Lord of the Rings."

ex 2:" My roommate was giving me advice on picking up a girl at a party. He ended up goosing me because he had so much SoCo that he had to be carried home."

ex: 3: Top Gun.
by ryanel March 25, 2010
Goosing is the art of no lifing either video games/PS Home at 4am with kids or skype (Usually with fellow Gooses). Some times this act can be described as being a Total or Jonesing.
Goos: Man, i've not had a shower for five days, i've just been skyping and whoring out fifa (goosing).
by Ben-87 July 08, 2011
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