Top Definition
Fly Guys Gettin High(As In Higher or Achieiving More)
SYNONYM = Ecstasy,Great,Achievement

Lebron's Three's = GOOSIE
Bronski(Lebron James) has been Goosie since the third quarter.

Dj Delly Dellz Been Goosie Since He Was 15
by Dj Delly Dellz July 04, 2010
When a guy sticks his index finger in a girls asshole at the same time putting his thumb in her vagina and rubbing the two fingers together while inside her.
Dude last night that freak i met at the bar asked me to give her the Goosie.
by DATANK133 May 29, 2009
The shit that somehow travels from your asshole to your taint.
"Dude looks like you got a little goosie in your chode beard"
by Aaron Clancy September 01, 2006

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