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goosing is where your stood behind an unsuspecting victim, you curl your hand in between there legs and grab hold of there genitals.
mimicking the shape of a goose's neck....
last night i was pissed in the pub and my mate dilbert went over too mad dogs mum and gave her the goosing of a life time who was not impressed.
by L briggs September 24, 2006
a crazy irish fellow with a bad temper, with grey hair and looks a little older than he is, and is also a little slimy.
reverts to anger, verbal abuse, violence and cigars when drinking the guiness.
man in pub taking food off the table which had been prepared for there party, maddog decides to help him self uninvited, the guy confronts maddog, who then replies with a string of four letter words.
by L briggs September 24, 2006
an axe womb is a womans fanny
look at the size of her minge,she's been twatted with an axe.
i nobbed this bird last night you should of seen her battered axe womb
by L briggs September 24, 2006

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