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a lame way to say Stayed.
I stood up all night! I could not SLEEP!
by Jeenee June 12, 2003
A common idiot, often refereed to as a noob or a tool. A person referred to as a stood is also stupid.
He handed us the money, not knowing that we weren't going to pay him back. What a stood.
by Foxybird March 17, 2011
like the word owned, stoo'd also means "To be made a fool of; To make a fool of; To confound or prove wrong; embarrasing someone:" but in a more distinctive and jokes way...
"I can't believe we made it out alive" *Helicopter falls and lands on head* "Haha, he got stoo'd"
by Rich Jauncey December 29, 2007
If you are lucky enough to not only be a Stuart but also a Dude, this is clearly what everone on this humbled planet shall call you!
James: "Sup Stood?"
Stuart: "lmaoplanes, Smeddles"
James: "Rofflecopter, Stood"
by jayseven April 16, 2005
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