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A verb, which means to grab someone between their butt cheeks and to squeeze, almost with an intent to hurt, although it is often done in a joking, playful manner between friends. The most common way to goose someone is with the fingers and thumb of one hand. The fingers grab from the bottom, and the thumb from the top. Then, in an upwards, and squeezing motion, you goose them. It is normally done while the "receiver" is wearing clothes, although there is no reason why it couldn't be done without clothes.
What the...oh man, I've just been goosed!

He goosed me so hard it bruised my anus!

The reason I have skid marks on my undies must be because I was goosed ealier today.

"Man, don't goose me again, okay?"
"Ah, c'mon, what's a little goossing between friends?"
by Dave March 04, 2003
To ram a bird in the flange or mouth
"Ah mate I would proper goose her right in the face"
by July 25, 2004
some who has a weird shaped head and a long neck and a gigantic buttox like "Mother Goose".

ususally seen with a small vienna sausage like penis that stands up even with out being aroused, becuz of its small size.
When i was in the locker room, a goose tried to hump me.
by Rachel Ewald April 08, 2004
Goose.....pussy, vagina, and or snatch!!!
Yo girl let me get loose on your goose!!!

Oh baby!!!
by Mr.Pickles November 27, 2005
As a Verb: (To Goose)To mess up- Fail.

I goose, you goose, he gooses, we goose, they goose, I goosed, I will goose, I have goosed.

As a pronoun: gooser - one who gooeses
That fucker over there, he goosed my plans to ask her out! (That person not in my light, he ruined my plans to propose a date with her)

Dude, don't goose the shit.
(My fellow man, do not ruin the stuff)

Look at that gooser, he fucked up my rep.
(Take into consideration of that person who ruins things in that area, he ruined my social status)
by Michael Massoud December 04, 2003
A slang word for PENIS, used mainly in VQM language all across Toronto, Ontario.

Combined with the work CHUCK, means a 'Blow Job' again mainly in VQM language.
" she touched my GOOSE! "
" hey baby, wanna see my GOOSE? "

" just link a little GOOSECHUCK "
" does that bitch give GOOSECHUCK? "
by SpHiNxXx October 06, 2006
when i misspell good... i put goos
its goose
goose means good.
gregs writing is very goose
by neil sheldon August 12, 2006
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