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A warrior/mage hybrid, generally using magical powers to enhance his or her abilities in melee. From the Githyanki word " 'gish", meaning 'skilled'.
Dude, IDK what you're talking about -- Necronomiconomics is a huge gish skill until Tenebrous Rift.
by Yes, *that* Essence February 12, 2013
(verb) to do something halfway; to not see something through to the end
"dude, you totally gished that beer."

"dude, where did you go last night? you totally gished that party."

"what's up with all these half-drunk beers? where is mike gish, i have to yell at him."
by bigsexy242424 March 20, 2009
Debut album of the Smashing Pumpkins. Not as highly noted as masterpieces Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, but still, excellent. Highlights include Tristessa, Rhinoceros, and Crush. Discover this.
What the fuck is that on the back of the Gish cover??

It's a sacred heart.
by Funnii_Zoso July 02, 2004
Created in 2004 by Chronic Logic software, Gish has become one of the most prominent independent games of it's time. It's innovative gameplay is thanks to expert programming Alex Austin and the creative talent of artist Edmund McMillen.
I finally beat Gish!
by Josh Abrams March 05, 2005
1)A ball of tar (12 pounds in weight). Can be sticky, slick or heavy or all at the same time. Cool character
2)Original 2D platform game which includes Gish(see first). Relased in the year 2004.
Gish collects amber.
by Artman40 October 06, 2004
An exclamation expressing a combination of a sigh and surprise, with overtones of disgust or irritation.
You slept with your best friend??? Gish!
by ForrestHorn March 23, 2006
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