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1)A ball of tar (12 pounds in weight). Can be sticky, slick or heavy or all at the same time. Cool character
2)Original 2D platform game which includes Gish(see first). Relased in the year 2004.
Gish collects amber.
by Artman40 October 06, 2004
To urinate, usually from a well-used fanny.

The term is often used by Glaswegian prostitutes.
Slutty Sheila: Ken that stoopid radge backaways?

Dirty Delia: Ah kinnae listen to your shite a noo Sheila. I'm ripe for a gish so I am.
by The Meme February 06, 2009
short for "piggish".

Used to express disgust at someone or something.
That meal was gish.

The Ref's call was the gishest call ever.

You're gish.
by Reebz Boon March 19, 2004
to aply force to cause expulsion of matter
Eeew Laura Had this massive zit but she gished it and the spew hit the bathroom morror

I stuck my toe in a gooey duc and it gished all over me

she over cooked the pasta and now it is all gishey
by Iamru2? April 06, 2011
a word also used as gosh/god/goodnes pronounced as gi-esh
oh my gish! that was so scary last night,
by jason gerk October 23, 2009
originally a mis-spelling of 'gosh', later developed into spoken word to mean the same thing
Oh my gish! What the hell is that!
by Alice Jean October 15, 2009
Gish means a person making a mistake or not doing something right
"What a gish, this is all wrong"

"This gish dosent know how to do it"
by Lexxer12333 August 06, 2009