a typical, everyday vagina
Trish the dish has a stinking gish
by WillisReed August 04, 2006
to aply force to cause expulsion of matter
Eeew Laura Had this massive zit but she gished it and the spew hit the bathroom morror

I stuck my toe in a gooey duc and it gished all over me

she over cooked the pasta and now it is all gishey
by Iamru2? April 06, 2011
an alternitive to gosh or something
gish, you were sooo wasted last night

gish, my damn car broke down
by erika pontecorvo July 25, 2005
An unbeleivably terrible prognosticator. This term came about when, Ken Gish, a participant in a three strikes (survivor) pool picked losing teams in each of the first three weeks, making his exit as quickly as possible from the pool. Simply amazing, since you only get a strike if the heavily favored team you pick loses in each of the first three weeks.
"To pull a Gish" means that you take three strikes in the first three weeks of an NFL three strikes pool.
by Adam January 12, 2005
a piercing of the anus.
by downtown June 17, 2003
The amputated penis... a knob, if you will.
1:Go suck a gish!
2:Suck your own.
1:Dude... I'm missing a nut, but i dont have a gish
2:Go suck your nut
1:Dude... not cool
2:Well you made fun of my gish!
1:Wait... you really have a gish?
2:...no...of course not... why would you think such a thing
by Devin M. June 11, 2007
A gish is someone who has sex with his foot
" I admit it...I am a gish"
by Willy February 11, 2005

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