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A word that is now said all the time by Napoleon Dynamite fans. It is used by saying 'gosh' in an annoyed fashion while closing the eyes and then exhaling loudly.
"Friggin idiot...GOSH!"
by rockinthereds February 26, 2005
A word that teenage girls use in surprise,anger or sarcasm
"oh my gosh, you just fell out of the 20th floor! are you ok?"
"Gosh mom, mom why can't i go bungee jumping off the bridge with a bad cord?"
"oh my gosh! ther's a feather on the sofa"
by Shaotic Master March 22, 2005
a slang word that is used as an exclamation, or to denote surprise
"oh my gosh!" "Gosh, how did you do that?"
by Doc Nick October 09, 2004
A word that David Archuleta uses when hes shocked. In other words, his favorite word. Tis ok, hes sexy as hell.
"Oh Gosh, Gosh, I didnt expect this much people. Gosh!"
by Bangme David May 21, 2008
A word used relentlessly in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. It is usually used when the main character, Napoleon Dynamite, is mad, frustrated, or excited.
kid on bus: What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?
Napoleon Dynamite: Whatever i feel like doing gosh!
by Joanna January 17, 2005
1. Explative. (^ga-aw-sh). Denoting astonishment and frustrartion. Initially a self-reflecting moment of suprising negativity associated with term used in context of a frustrating situation in which two opposing forces come in conflict with one another. Astonishment may arise when party a. lacks intelligince, consciousness, presence, physical size, speed or agility, or ability to comprehend from any degree of inteligence a simple dicussion topic, object, concept. Party be lacks the patience and in a fit of rage is forced to use such an explative.
2. Explative conjunction of God and shit. Spoken as a combination of god-shit. Literally meaning the shit of god. Of importance.
Kid: Hey NapDyno wa r u gonna do todow??
NapDyno: Whatever I feel like I wanna do today! Gosh!
by NapDynoGosh April 24, 2005
One person who through mutual agreement becomes the property of another person for the purpose of providing sexual gratification to the person.
Today my gosh went down on me for an hour and a half.
by bdsm monster August 14, 2011
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