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Most common word written on box.
...andhere comes another fragile box! Be careful or else we are wiped!
by Artman40 November 10, 2004
Emotion meaning: 'Depends how you look at it'
'So how do you like my new PC?'
by Artman40 October 15, 2004
One of the easiest way to draw a human (or someone else). The most simple stick figure contains 1 or 2 lines for each leg and arm, 1 line for the body and a circle for the head. Alot flash animators will experiment with stick figures. Many of their work with them can be viewed at Newgrounds.
XiaoXiao is one of the best examples of stick figure animations.
by Artman40 October 29, 2004
A phrase used when a brief plot synopsis of a movie, TV show, video game etc. sounds less interesting than it actually is.

Term originates from Nostalgia Critic.
Person 1: "This movie is about a family living in a farm and...ummm...that's about it. A Family living in a farm."
Person 2: "ADVENTURE HO!"
by Artman40 June 08, 2009
First FPS that can be 100% stored on the 8-inch floppy disk. An experimental game based on .werkkzeug1 engine.
.kkrieger. FPS in 96kb.
by Artman40 October 20, 2004
If you think that your grammar is abysmal, then after watching his song called 'Supersonik Elektronik', you may change your mind.
Zladko also invited the word 'offblast!'
by Artman40 December 08, 2004
If you are really bored, it's a good place to use this emotion.
'What do you think about your job?'
by Artman40 October 16, 2004
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