bitch, germany did make the world cup.
Germany lost to England 5-1 in the qualifiers. But then they still made it to final, whereas England got their asses whopped early on. And but "asses whopped" I mean a 30 yard chip over the english keep and his gay ponytail.
by your dad April 16, 2005
A country of great culture. Beer, cars, women, and guns.

The German language can be manly and angry, yet beautiful at the same time.
The 20th Century would have been boring and uneventful without Germany.

FÜr Gott, Ehre, und Vaterland!
by Stahljäger March 05, 2006
No joke, Germany's like the best country. The drinking Age is 16, they have great beer, good weed (since germanys next to holland) and badass clubs. Parents aren't as bitchy as in america. Even school's better. No fucking cameras, no ID's, no cops and drug dogs and shit. And kids still behave better. oh yea, and you get out at 1.15 !
guy: dude, germany the best fucking place in the world !

me: righttt, bro
by slimthuggapimpin May 22, 2011
A very respective, but under appreciated country. They have great culture, fine arts, beer (just appealing to the rednecks, here) and awesome cars. Hitler wasn't born in germany, either. He was born in austria. Most of the nazis were under aged teenagers too afraid to fight for the allies. Many were drafter under force against their will. So before you blame germany being a bad country stop to think, we have been in more than 20 seperate wars as a country less then 400 years old. I believe germany has been in 10, maybe less. They have been dated back to medevil times.
Deutschland ist fur den sieg!
How can germany be blamed for what their ancestors did?
by doctordull August 29, 2010
Often Germany is only seen as the causer of World War I and II but that's not all. Every German is hating Hitler and what had happened to all those innocent victims during his terror regime. But were not national socialist anymore! Germany tries hard to come to terms with its past and Berlin is remembering you of what happened very much (cue: memorial).

Then there is the DDR, a terror regime as well. If you ever visit Berlin and book a guide he will tell you mostly about the Third Reich and the DDR. The opposite of liberty and democracy.
Germany, known for its beer, great cars and guns, is a beautiful country where nobody drinks beer to every meal, neither wears leather pants nor is taught how to built a car at school. There are so many stereotypes I hate. I'll only say it one more time: Don’t ever wear leather shorts in public!!
Instead, it offers big culural facets and beautiful buildings, coastel and mountainous landscapes, big vibrant cities and the wide country.

German food is also very delicious. Kebab, often sold by Turkish inhabitants, is yummy as well as the good, old Bavarian veal sausage.

Germans are also known for their punctuality. It's true, we are always on time, natrual for every German. We are faithful, maybe rough sometimes but with a soft core.

The most famous German facility is the Autobahn (die Autobahn). Many tourists are huge fans of it and I can understand why. There are many famous cultural people as well (Schubert, Goethe, Schiller etc.).
Prejudices may be funny but for Germany they aren't.
No racism, no Nazis! We're not like them anymore, we're modern, a new nation.
by aGerman April 09, 2011
An european country where teens are allowed to (legally!) drink alcohol at the age of 16 and stuff like wodka at the age of 18 but yet the government complains about too many drunk teens.
no examples for Germany.
by thatsooverrated April 30, 2014
Germany is a country in Europe. It has good weapons, engineering, And Amazing food... German people are amazing people. Did you know that Liver worst is liver sausage in German? In world war two, Hitler was a dictator who forced everyone to do his bidding... Almost nobody in America who I know of likes him... Despite what everyone thinks, Germans were NOT the bad guys in World war two... The Nazis were, And, not even all the Nazis were bad... They were forced... Germany is an amazing place That people should give more respect....
Germany is a beautiful place.
by Lord_Darkmoor April 07, 2015

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