A country that is full of people who respect the United States as much as many US citizens respect them. A great country overall, with very nice people, nice cars and good beer.
Remember: It's the German government that hates the US, not the general German public.
by AJAW October 01, 2004
Like most Americans I have ancestry, as well as living family in Germany: cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
Germany is a country that most Americans respect and admire, despite what a few idiots before me have written. A country of great inventors, great poets, great philosophers, great composers. Germany has contributed so much to the culture of Western civilization. It's a shame that a few idiots in 1933 ruined such a beautiful land.

Germany also has VERY SEXY WOMEN! I wish I could have sex with all the women in Germany--including my cousin's wife. In fact, ESPECIALLY my cousin's wife!

Germany is also a country where rap music has become so popular among the youth, there is even a neo-Nazi rap group there. I mean, come on, a neo-Nazi RAP GROUP!!!!
Smart American: Germany is cool.
Smart American #2: Indeed.

by corcan June 11, 2006
Maker of fine cars, guns, tanks, beer and music. Formerly Europe's neighbourhood bully, Germany used bash France regularly.
Germany beat France up in 1871, 1914 and 1940.
by Paul Mauser May 30, 2006
OK, before I get started on this definition can i just say that I am a half german half english person who has lived in Germany all her life, gone to german school and KNOWS about German culture so TRUST ME, i do know what I'm talking about!!

Germany is a country in central Europe, with a very good rep for cars, football and beer, all of which I have to agree are very good. Ýes, they have also killed countless Jews and are also largely at fault for two terrible World Wars, and let me tell you something WE ARE NOT PROUD OF IT!!! NO self respecting German would ever come out and say he was proud of what Hitler did (who, by the way was from Austria) and We also don't want it repeated. Every country has a past and I think the people who are still trashing us because of it, need to realize that it was 60 years ago and most of the people who were involved in it have by now infact died of old age. Anyone in Germany who is still a Nazi (which, may I point out amounts to about the same percentage of Racist swines in England, America, poland, or any other country on the face of this planet) is not honoured by all fellow cicizens and Nazis are as hated here as anywhere else. indeed, probably more hated, because of all the horrible stuff they did and have earned us a reputation for Racism and evilness which doesn't fit into modern German society.
Despite this, contrary to what that Person from munich down there said, German people are proud to be German, but this is NOT because of the WWs but because we really d have a great country. The Music here is awesome, our football team is the best in the world (well, we think so...) and we produce amazing beer and cars for all occasions. Germany has a very "Proud to be German" feel about it, a sort of defence mechanism, whenever anyone brings up Hitler. This does NOT mean "We are proud to be german and hate all who are of a different race or belief than us and wish to kill them all." I mean, anyone living in Germany will appreciate how many turkish people there are here, and how many polish people. Without them, there would not be even nearly as many people in this beautifull country.
Another poular misconception of Germany, is that we all wear Lederhosen (thats tight trousers made out of Leather), and eat sauerkraut all day. I can infact assure you, this is not the case. the only place in Germany ANYONE wears these hideous Garments is in Bayern (Bavaria) where the only real reason they are donned, is for American tourists to take pictures of them and say they went somewhere "real traditional" .
Also, the german speaking Music market is very poular here, comprised of acts full of variety from Fler to Revolverheld to Jeanette Biedermann. The German Hip Hop scene considers itself to be "hardcore" and full of Murder, Drugs, hard youths and hoes, and anyone who listens to German Hip Hop (as a real fan) will talk about Berlin in a manner that suggests it to be the most hardcore city in the world, which of course everyone who has ever been to New York knows it is not. If you however, dare to defie them in their strong beleif that they are ard UNDEGROUNG Gangstas you will suffer seroious abuse.
The German Rock scene is dominated by non punk rockers, but is also very popular.
me:I'm germany
by Elivizz May 12, 2006
Germany, a country that knows how to deal with its past. Nowhere else are so many memorials for the victims of the country's past. And nowhere else are students supposed to know the whole history of the Holocaust. Once there was a Concentration Camp (by the way an English invention that was abused by the Nazis) in my neighbourhood and it now is a memorial, always visited by all kinds of people...
our grandfathers in germany killed 6 million people for no reason, but our children will know and won't repeat it.
Others killed more and no one knows.

What will happen next?
by Jonyburk November 07, 2006
One of the greatest countrys in the world. Beautiful scenery. Hot women. Great beer. And the best automobile makers in the world to. Germans were also the first to discover many cool things such as Infrared lighting.
If I could move to another country, it would be germany!
by Someguy24 October 04, 2006
German people are well tempered nice people , yes they were ressponsible for two horrific wars but that was 60 years ago , if you think Germany still has an abnormal amount of nazis in it you are and ignorant person,if you are convicted of neo-nazism in Germany the punishment is worse than in america or canada.GERMAN FOOTBALL RULES
guy1:hey that guy is from Germany
girl1:wow i bet he has a big dong
by oliver737373 August 11, 2006
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