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A hot sexy chammarro, who treats his girlfriend like a princess & is a greaat kisser !
Girlfriend : Babe would you go to winter formal with me ?
Chancellor : Umm ... ? (Yes or NO, no Maybes !)
by alohabree January 23, 2010
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A leader of a nation-state/country, normally one of Germanic heritage.
The new Chancellor, Otto von Bismark, shall lead in an interesting fashion.
by Clay N. October 31, 2005
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One who takes chances no matter how high the stakes. A Chancellor's friends often are annoyed because of all the unnecesary chances a Chancellor takes.
"Hey man, don't light that dumpster on fire!"

"But I'm the Chancellor baby, it's what I do."
by mtn.mayhem March 02, 2010
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An absolute faggit with no friends and has an extremely tight urethra.
Ohhh... He is a chancellor
by Carshen May 03, 2017
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