Overrated country, obvious racial tensions in the air. Country in which everyone there is cool but the GERMANS !! The only good thing about the place is the beer.
True Story

Guy: Why did those guys leave the bar?

Bartender: Germany or germans dont feel comfortable with Americans around.

Guy: Hahaha, im here on vacation, shit.
by NPH 4 February 27, 2009
A country once run by the dictator, Karl Schiffer, during world war II.
Karl killed the jews. He's hitler. And he ran Germany.
by nick223 July 16, 2006
A country with many good qualities such as good medicine, good cars, their resilience from the economic depression after the war, their enginnering and so on...
It is too bad they aren't able to admit their past and try to justify their actions on hitler beign a charismatic speaker and him beign Austrian and not German.
Jew>Why did the people in Germany kill us?!
German>You can't blame us, Hitler was such a charismatic speaker
by Tapehead May 21, 2006
The country which brought forth two World Wars, Communism and Nazism, concentration camps and death camps, engineered and executed the Holocaust. Germany invented propaganda and blitzkrieg. Germany invented carpet bombing of the cities, crematoria and Cyclone B. They invented superhuman and subhuman as well as starving children to death. Germans used human hair to stuff pillows and human skin to make gloves.
Germans also make good cars.
Germany, Germans, Auschwitz, Dachau, Buhenvald,
by TrueOracle December 21, 2005
Germany is a country in Europe. It has good weapons, engineering, And Amazing food... German people are amazing people. Did you know that Liver worst is liver sausage in German? In world war two, Hitler was a dictator who forced everyone to do his bidding... Almost nobody in America who I know of likes him... Despite what everyone thinks, Germans were NOT the bad guys in World war two... The Nazis were, And, not even all the Nazis were bad... They were forced... Germany is an amazing place That people should give more respect....
Germany is a beautiful place.
by Lord_Darkmoor April 07, 2015

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