a country where swiss always buy their stuff because it's cheaper there
"let's go to da migros and buy some stuff"
"no u dirty rich-ass muthafukka. i'm going across da german border and buy my stuff there at aldi!"
by shizzl sinizzl March 07, 2005
According to the German buisnessmen on The Simpson German is "The Land of Chocolate"
German Boss: What improvements do you reccomend for the plant?
Homer: Well, uh. Um....I wish the vending machine wasn't so picky with the dollar bills it takes.
German Boss: I understand Homer, we too are from the land of chocolate.
Homer: Mmmm, the Land of Chocolate!
IN DREAM: *frolics around taking a bite out of chocolate bunnies*
Homer: la la la...la la
German Boss: Homer? Homer?!
by Yobastanker May 12, 2005
a good place to visit;
Those Germans were nice when I visited Europe. Unlike those fuckin Parisians who stuck me with a huge bill when I was pissed on by my drunk-ass-sleep-walking friend who decided to drink a shit-load of heinikens instead of seeing the Eiffel tower and, he decided to pass out before going pee and ended up peeing on me at 2 in the morning and I ended up taking a thirty minute shower and thsoe fuckin Parisian decided NOT to put a shower curtain in our room and I got it all wet and the water leaked downstairs and those fuckers decid that I need to pay for the wet tiles event though the fuck-faces knew for a long time that the floor leaked. I hate Paris. But Germany I liked. They are nice in Germany.
by Tom has no names left October 24, 2006
the place where the best stuff is made. for example, beer, car, women, guns etc...
dude 1: dude, check out my pistol from america

dude 2: dude, check out my smg from germany

dude 1: dang...
by master-bater_1337 January 19, 2009
Country in central Europe that got divided after WWII. Was reunited by David Hasselhoff in 1989.
Fun fact: Germany, along with France, is also the USA's best excuse for losing the War on Terror because they refused to help invading independent foreign countries for their oil reserves. Shame on them!
by Griese February 11, 2009
The country I was born and raised in. (lucky me...) Very small in size (about the size of Indiana or Illinois) but big in culture and history. Very clean country. Not very violent. - Anymore... After shit like the 30 year war and WW1 abd 2 we kinda got the picture that war sucks ass. Not because we lost the world wars but because wars suck in general. Our country is in great shape now, but if I think about all the good men and women we lost between 39-45 it makes me sick. There werent too many german men left after the war but somehow I guess we managed to come around. The mentality of the german people in general has changed alot since those days. We are still all PROUD to be german, but if youre too proud people will think of you as a nazi. So people keep stuff like patriotism to them selves for the most part. Im almost thirty, and all my life Ive only seen the german flag fly in masses was back in 06 for the world championship... (soccer that is...) And take my word for it: all germans of age where wonderin if this is what it felt like back in the days... We kinda feel bad for the 20million russians we killed and the "subhumans" in the camps and all that. I know I didnt do it, but I know everybody fucks up sometimes. And when we do something,- we do it "anständig". (anständig = to do something 100%)
Dude1: Germany had europe on lock...
Dude2: Yeah man, I heard. Thats like if Indiana would conquer all of the states...
Dude1: Shit,... un-fuckin-believable....
by Pornomitch October 16, 2009
Maybe the we are friendly, repent our past und make good stuff. But we are suffering from our bullshit government and we hate each other.
Bavarian: I wish Bavaria would become an unique country so I don't have to see these idiots from above anymore.
German politican: I get a lot of money for sleeping in the Bundestag. What a fucking great job! But now I will continue forbidding the internet, because I don't know what it is - so it has to disappear.
German punk: When we see a crowd of neo-nazis we count them first and if there's only one guy more we run away. And we like a lot of beer.
German neo-nazi: When we see a crowd of punks we count them first and if there's only one guy more we run away. And we like a lot of beer.
German metalhead: Man, I hate casting shows, so where is the next Manowar concert?
German emo: I only look like this because it's modern. Cool, huh?!
German hiphop-fan: I am a real hardcore gangster. People laugh at me, but I don't know why...I'm so sad.
German mainstreamer: Everybody who doesn't look like me is freaky.
German Apple-fanboy: I like every band which starts with "The" and to wear scarfs the whole damn year.
German liberal: I love every country out there, and Germany makes me sick!
Me: omg
by good-old-manalishi December 26, 2007

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