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you care too much about how you look. about how other people look. about what you say and do and what other people say and do. it's ocd with eyeshadow.
after 15 years of life, im just now realizing im superficial.
#bitchy #stupid #hairspray #makeup #barbie
by yo mama =) May 26, 2006
This is an actual word. Why don't you try to use a dictionary, you fucking moron.
#real word #morons #dictionary #read #idiot.
by ZUUL42 October 06, 2013
Of or relating to a surface; concerned only with the obvious or apparent;

Synonyms are: Shallow, External.
Since she is superficial, Kelly will only date guys who are above the height of 6'3, and below 6'7, with NO exceptions. As a defense mechanism, she believes that she is picky and that everyone is superfical to certain degree.
by Dave January 28, 2005
Barbie is a superficial bitch!!
by Necrophiliac August 30, 2003
Someone who is SUPERFICIAL hides what is inside. They act like someone they are not on the outside, so that no one can get close enough to see who they really are on the inside. The act of being SUPERFICIAL can also really just be being shallow.
My boyfriend avoided deep conversations like they were herpes, and only stuck to what he knew, superficial conversation.
#shallow #unsure #superhero #narrow-minded #cowardly
by the bee's knees. January 15, 2013
On the surface. Often not real.
His superficial talents were supplied by an unseen force.
by larstait October 29, 2003
A person looking for a long term relationship on a dating website who judges another person based on his or her picture alone and clicks no. bot clickdick clickbitch Judging a book by its cover without reading the book.
All of the men on this dating site are superficial, because they discarded me based on my pic alone without reading my profile.
#adj. shallow #hypocritical #n. bot #clickdick #clickbitch
by FreeThinker22 August 13, 2015
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