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Nice and always kind, Abduls will ask you how your day went. They will kiss you when it's bad or give a brohug when you look down. Ultimately they are awesome. They'll make you smile. Guarantee, broseidon.
I met this great guy...
An Abdul?
Oooh, girl! Good stuff.
by Laryn-baby October 12, 2010
a sex god that know how to pleasure a woman (sex animals)
abdul the sex god
by fireare October 18, 2011
A male which is a master of sex and is generally honest,tempered,happy and violent. He is able to pleasure in the best of ways and will ask you questions none will ever ask.
girl1: hey i met a realy nice guy yesterday
girl2:he must be an abdul!
by Thedicktionary April 29, 2013
Pre fix to an ajacent name. Meaning Slave/servant of...

Example: Abdul-Alrahman (the merciful)

so if your last name was Aldick (the Rooster)and you're called Abdul Aldick, you're actually being called slave of the rooster/cock.
by Abdul Aldick September 13, 2007
A sick perve who needs to learn. Normally makes rape or racist jokes and draws his deranged fantasies. Always stinks and has the laugh of the devil.
As he grows he may probably become psychopath. He also likes to discriminate...ALOT!!!
"Do you know what Abdul said about my mum"
"I don't want to know"
by Thegrassisntgreen February 11, 2015
To randomly repeat words or phrases without knowledge of the correct application or meaning that a more intelligent person has recently said.

(As in the manner which Paula Abdul repeats whatever Randy Jackson says on American Idol.)
He totally abduled me when he repeated my theories on quantum physics as though they were his own.
by Dawn Phillips & Amy Speidel February 29, 2008
1.To form a sentence which makes no sense and is essentially just random words stung together.

2.To talk shit.

(This word is influenced and originates from American Idol judge/Dancer/"Singer"/80's Icon Paula Abdul and he inability to speak correctly)
You just Abduled

She's presently Abdulling

Can you please Abdul so I can show a reasonable example of what Abdulling is.
by ByePolar May 08, 2008
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