GTL in any other states means gym, tan, laundry.. in MONTANA GTL means guns,trucks liquor
Guy from Jersey:" hey man lets go GTL"
Guy from Montana" throw the 30 06 in my truck and i'll grab the jack"
Jersey:" I meant gym tan n laundry... but that sounds way more awesome!"
by mtbornandbread September 13, 2011
gym, tan, laundry
popularized by the gruesome overly-tan cast member of the bewildering italian series, jersey shore.
The situation: uhh yea we gunna g.t.l. before we go creepin
by guidette2109 September 17, 2010
Instead of Gym Tanning and Laundry from Jersey Shore it is said by Goblin NPCs in World of Warcraft. It Stands for Gambling Tinkering Laundry.
You turn in a quest to a goblin when your done he says
"GTL friend; Gambling Tinkering Laundry....
by That guy from wow November 18, 2011
A abbreviation for Gym, Tan, and Laundry. It comes from the show "Jersey Shore" on MTV. In order to apparently stay in proper "Guido" form, these actions must be practiced daily.
Mike: You need to G.T.L daily to keep up with the Jersey standards.
Pauly: OH YEAH!
by JustCallMeBEAUTIFUL June 09, 2011
Typically known as the acronym for Gym, Tan, Laundry now has a new meaning... Guido Tan Lotion. Guido Tan Lotion is used before the tanning process of a GTL to achieve that perfect orange, dooshy, guido look you've been searching for.
Dude your tan is so amazing

Cause I GTL'd before I GTL'd

by ThatNakedGuy August 27, 2010
Ground Team Leader, NOT "Gym, Tan, Laundry".
The GTL has reported and is Oscar Mike to Location Foxtrot.
by SEAL Strong July 19, 2011
Gym, Tan, Lunch

as coined by Betty White on her show "Off Their Rockers"

Because Betty White doesn't do her own laundry.
Betty White says the secret to a long life is GTL. Lunch is now the most important meal of the day. Because Betty White says so.

by Beastie1212 May 09, 2012

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