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The process of staying fresh and mint. Stands for "Gym, tan, laundry." Must be done everyday to achieve maximum potential. Side effects include fist pumping. Coined by the eloquent Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's ground breaking Jersey Shore.
You gotta GTL everyday to make sure you're looking your best bro. If your shirt looks bad it makes the whole product look bad.
by Guiseppi Primavera January 07, 2010
10857 4844
The daily life of a true asian. Increasing hand eye coordination and brain power.
GTL --> Gaming. Table Tennis. Library.
by lilaznman17 August 04, 2010
2582 1598
Gay Tan Loser
Anyone from jersey shore.
Anyone who fist pumps.
Any male who tans on purpose.
Anyone who believes the secret to success is only achievable by going to the gym, tanning and doing laundry.
by noyfb12345 June 08, 2010
2982 2272
GTL stands for Gym, Tan, & Laundry.

It was made popular by the cast of Jersey Shore on MTV.

Use: This can be used when leaving a conversation, Saying you have to run errands, or things to do.
On Phone

Person 1: "Jersey Shore is Pathetic, why do people watch this show."
Person 2: "i know right. Its so stupid, but it makes me want to fist pump."
Person 1: "haha agreed. well i gotta GTL."
Person 2: "later"
by jacksquat123 January 07, 2010
1497 1050
gym. tanning. laundry.

basically done by the guidos of jersey shore
"gtl is the way of life baby. gym tanning laundry." - the situation
by guidetteprincesssss January 08, 2010
1175 790
Acronym for "Gym, Tan, Laundry"
-The essential components for a true Guido/Guidette to feel great and no doubt look great.
"GTL. Gym, tan, laundry. That's what it's all about."
by hansonpaulsey January 07, 2010
586 464
stands for Gym Tanning Laundry. made notorious by Italian-American Mike "The Situation" from MTV's 1st season of Jersey Shore
"This is how we take care of business to look fresh you gotta do gtl time."
by yummyAye January 07, 2010
410 326