Gravy-Turkey-Lethargy. Induced on Thanksgiving. Not to be confused with the popular gym-tan-laundry.
Let's meet at the grill tonight, they're having a 10c specials on wings. I'm going to max capacity, trying to work out my esophogus in prep for next Thursday's GTL.
by parkca01 November 19, 2010
Glenn the Liar

Glenn Beck, host on Fox News Channel, is an infamous liar.
Yeah, so I was watching GTL last night and all he did was rant about Obama, putting the word "fact" in his speech for effect and holding the Constitution like he wrote it. I looked up what he was talking about, not on his website of course, and what i found was GTL at his finest once again, caught in another lie.
by OGTL1 October 04, 2010
Typically known as the acronym for gym, tan, laundry now has a new meaning, Guido Tan Lotion, which is what you apply to the skin before the tanning process of a GTL to obtain that orange, extra crispy, guido doosh look you've been striving for.
Dude your tan looks amazing

Cause I GTL'd before I GTL'd

by ThatNakedGuy August 27, 2010
from the series jersey shore when pauly d and mike go GTL
by Mockman April 29, 2011
gothic trans lolita
A deviant Finnish sub-sub culture
thursday's gtl day at jahns.
by n-chan October 08, 2009
gone to leamington
when a person(s) disappears for a while and makes no effort to contact friends, so they have no idea where said person is.
i reckon joe has GTL.
by drizzo October 04, 2006

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