gtl stands for gym, tan, laundry. which is for guidos. For italian men they use gtl.
Pauly D says: hey gtl
Mike says: Lets go do some gym tan laundry
by 812ael March 24, 2012
Gym, tanning, laundry and studying
Jibby: "What ya doing today spoons?"

Spoons: "GTLS all day baby"

Jibby:"well fack ya then"
by Spoonythefawn April 11, 2011
GTL....The Southern Redneck version of the infamous "Gym Tan Laundry" creed used by the characters on Jersey Shore.

Practiced extensively by generations of white Americans living predominantly in the rural southern bible belt regions.
by Garrett G2. March 30, 2011
Adjective; Grime Time Live. Describes a person who is gross and disgusting. Often performs lewd acts and steals all the girls' boyfriends. One who is GTL is often mistaken for a dirty whore or prostitute. Commonly carries multiple STDs.
'Dat skank is totally GTL, she slept with all 'da taken boys within a two-week period.
by ihatepeople-espu November 07, 2011
GARDENING, Tanning, Laundry

Not to be confused for Gym, Tanning, Laundry.

This version of GTL is generally reserved for female AARP members who are trying to keep up with the slang that their grandchildren use
Martha: "Hey Gertrude! Are you free for brunch tomorrow?"

Gertrude: "I'm sorry Martha, I can't do brunch. GTL baby!"
by Bryan Plummer September 09, 2010
Gym Time Legoo (lets go)

For those who don't tan or do laundry, just gym(:
Self explanatory..GTL
by Mz.Beezy April 13, 2011
Glenn the Liar

Glenn Beck, host on Fox News Channel, is an infamous liar.
Yeah, so I was watching GTL last night and all he did was rant about Obama, putting the word "fact" in his speech for effect and holding the Constitution like he wrote it. I looked up what he was talking about, not on his website of course, and what i found was GTL at his finest once again, caught in another lie.
by OGTL1 October 04, 2010

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