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The best new network on Cable TV, better than the so called Mtv. Formerly MMUSA(Much Music USA)
Fuck MTV, watch Fuse
by FhillyMan August 19, 2003
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The best music channel on. Not stupid and irritating like MTV or VH-1. They actually show videos and stuff people want to see. Not whiney teenagers and reality shows that nobody likes. MTV sucks!
Has cool shows that show videos, like Uranium.
by Laura B. February 16, 2004
the best station on cabletv, with the best videos and hot hosts for thier shows, kick ass TV!
MTV is CRAP, watch fuse.
by jessie January 01, 2004
Was originaly Munch Music, then MMUSA, and now fuse. It is a real music chanel with real music and bands, where you can see little known bands can get on the air
MTV is shit watch Fuse
by Nater June 02, 2003
a REAL music channel, watch it or die

MTV and Vh1 Suck, watch Fuse, Best Show is RockZilla
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
1) was once much music, then mmusa, now fuse
2) a music channel that is actually about music. and only music.
3) a channel that shows ALL of the music videos unlike the so-called mtv
the first defination was taken from Nater which is completely true and who knows what he (i assumed) is talking about and likes awesome bands. Nater is u r reading this im me @ (see my name)
by ShoujoSmut July 31, 2003
A music channel that used to show only rock, but got rap and pop on there channel in late March 2004 which sucks.

And now shows mostley emo rock on the station now which really sucks...

Atleast It's better than MTV
fuse is an okay channel
by saturns ghey April 28, 2005
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