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The month in which all sexy, drop dead gorgeous women are born.
Jessicas are usually born in March.
by smiley7 August 29, 2008
All people born in March are true inspirations, have imaginations that run wild and are go-getters. The month in which all of the true gangsters were born!
Damn, she was born in March?! She's a true O.G.
by szln August 26, 2008
The month where the smartest, hottest girls are born in. If your not born in there, or your girlfriend isn't, your shit out of luck.
"That girl is born in march"
by ihaoth October 05, 2008
beginning of spring and babies are born. Everything starts turning green.
" It must be march there's freaking babies everywhere!"
by aye buh August 13, 2008
March, the third month of the year.
The Month in which the Coolest,Cutest,Drop-Dead-Gawjuss,Dynamic,Introverts and Unique Ladies are Born.
That lucky girl is born in march
by candylight August 30, 2009
Indefinite date, usually implied when something is coming soon, but the definitive date is unknown.

See also procrastinate
New and improved, coming this March!
by prosper0 January 11, 2007
Month in which creative, layed-back, dreamy, cool people were born.
She was born in march so she is creative, layed-back, dreamy and cool.
by BabyyD August 18, 2008
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