FU$E is just another sellout Music video channel. FU$E used to be good, they used to play Rock music 24/7, and then some asshat Program Director decided to put rap and mainstream music on there as well. FU$E sucks now.

And I love it how everyone on here is trying not to be a poser, by saying FU$E kicks MTV's ass...thats the biggest bullshit ever. FU$E is just a 90's MTV in the mid 2000's. How are they like MTV? Well they got a show that has hardly anything to do with music. Empire Square. This is a sign that FU$E will sellout like MTV sometime in the coming years. They also don't play some bands, like Alice In Chains, and TOOL. FU$E sucks.

Everyone who watches FU$E is either a teenybopper or a wannabe punk rocker. Just like the people who watch MTV. This is true.
They will sellout like MTV soon. Just watch. FUSE sucks as much dick as MTV.
by IHATEMTVANDFU$E April 24, 2006
A channel that actually played music for quite a while. Unfortunately, just like MTV, it's becoming consumed by more and more reality TV...
MTV = 99% reality TV, 1% music
Fuse = ACTUALLY A MUSIC CHANNEL... wait... what's this "Cheerleader U" crap? D:
by Fireball1783 November 12, 2007
a music channel that hasn't lowered themselves to showing sold-out bands or shitty reality shows 24/7.
Fuck mtv and rap. FUSE RULES!!!!!
by greg pocania November 30, 2003
Inside electrical implements, you will find a fuse. To prevent massive power drainage that occurs from short-curcuiting, the fuse will burn through at a certain capacity.
The fuse is blown. Get another because I'm too stupid and lazy to check the electrics of this kitchen appliance.
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
Its a spark that has resinated all that MTV is burnt out on and sold out for POP. Fuse is our inner culture that satisfies our grove. So dont burn out but stay brite fuse
keeping it real
by Dan-e-flo January 18, 2004
A music channel that is said to be "better than Mtv" (which, I must say, it is, as is Oxygen and any other horriable channel), but sucks anyway. They show horriable pop-punk and even rap. VH1 is a much better channel, so it VH1 Classics.
Guy 1:Did you watch "Warped Wednesday" today?
Guy 2:Yeah, they had Hawthorne Heights...they totally suck. Espically because they're considered "emo", when they aren't even a real emo band, just whiney bubblgum pop-punk!
by Elwood_blues August 03, 2005
As a verb, to put two things together.
By fusing two isotopes of Hydrogen, I created a fusion reaction, the reaction that takes place in an H-Bomb.
by Harlds May 09, 2004
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