A channel that used to be really good. Now, It seems to be turning into another 'Mtv'.

A channel that used to play only music, and GOOD music, I must say. Now, it seems to be focusing more on the crappy rappers/r&b such as Beyonce, Lil Wayne, etc.
Yeah, fuse used to be good until they started showing more gay stuff.
by Nonexistant ego October 06, 2009
fuse is quickly becoming shit

it mostly shows EMO queers and that gay ass URANIUM shit!


But NOW they are getting worse and showing all this Mtv "YO RAPS" shit!
fuse is better than Mtv because they atleast "play" videos

But I wanna kill these fucking executives who decide the format for these channels.What braindead,soulless,unmusical FUCK is it that decides to play all this shit?
Better send them all back to bitch school cause they are some dumb cunts!
by ///( - )___( - )\\\ August 26, 2004
Previously the BEST channel out there, but now it shows (ugh) hiphop and r&b. But it still has Rockzilla, Uranium, and the other good programs.
Now all it needs is Headbanger's Ball...
by Freak Obscene May 04, 2004
A circuit-breaking device that the folks in the Star Trek series really need to use, since every damn power disruption destroys their electronics systems in every damn episode.
After watching Star Trek, I learned that in the 24th century, people will forget to install fuses in their electronics systems.
by Ewok August 21, 2004
A cable music channel on TV that was launched in 2003 and originally gave airtime to alternative, punk, metal, indie, underground and (dare i say it) emo artists. Originally, the show appeared promising, airing such shows as SURS, which offered much of the above mentioned genres and The Sauce, which was like TRL but only more bearable.
In recent years, the channel has been airing less and less of the mentioned genres and began to switch over to a more mainstream-friendly format, beginning to air pop and hip-hop along with radio-friendly rock music from bands that suck their major labels' balls big time. However, at least Fuse, unlike MTV, is still playing music, as shitty as it is.
Kid 1: Hey, man? What are you watching?
Kid 2: This sweet channel called Fuse.
Kid 1: Cool. What kind of shows do they play?
Kid 2: Mainly music videos but not like those idiots Jesse McCarthy or Avril Lavigne. There's this one awesome show called SURS that introduced me to bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Rise Against and The Libertines.
Kid 1: Sweet! =D

Kid 2: Dude, are you watching Ke$ha?!
Kid 1: Yeah, man. It's Ke$ha Takeover on Fuse.
Kid 2: F$@k!
by semipunk93 December 28, 2010
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