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a great hardcore punk band.
hey i like her voice.
by ShoujoSmut July 31, 2003
1) was once much music, then mmusa, now fuse
2) a music channel that is actually about music. and only music.
3) a channel that shows ALL of the music videos unlike the so-called mtv
the first defination was taken from Nater which is completely true and who knows what he (i assumed) is talking about and likes awesome bands. Nater is u r reading this im me @ (see my name)
by ShoujoSmut July 31, 2003
1) an originaly good idea for a channel about music
2) a sad excuse for a "music" channel
3) a channel that says it is about music when most of the shows on it have nothing to do with music
4) has a few good shows like jackass, but those shows dont belong on mtv becasue they have nothing to do with music
if you want a good music channel see fuse
and TRL is the worst becuase they dont even show all of the videos, and it is over and hour long, what is that?
by ShoujoSmut July 31, 2003

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