a musik channel that actually plays fucking music!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG
mtv idiot: i luv mtv, it so cool

me: fuck that, watch fuse you moron, they actually show music video's

mtv idiot: OMG, really!!!!!!!!!
by MetallilbangeR April 07, 2005
1) The best damn music channel around.

2) What that sorry excuse of a music channel called MYV should have been.
With great shows like RockZilla, Uranium, and more, MTV isn't even good enough to hold Fuse's Jock (if Fuse was a person, that is).

I just hope it doesn't turn into the next MTV.

MTV2, is no better. Always playing all the crappy hiphop shit.
by I forget January 08, 2004
A music television channel that was formerly MMUSA. Fuse is a channel that offers all sorts of music but focuses mainly on rock. Shows such as NO. 1 Countdown, Steven's Untitled Rock Show, Power Fuse, Oven Fresh, Later with Jools Holland, The Sauce, Fastest Fingers, Loaded, Videos that Rocked the World, Planet Rock, and many more. By watching FUSE you will discover new, unheard bands, and have a better view of music. You will hear more then Sean Kingston, or Tpain, or Justin Timberlake, ect. FUSE is better then Mtv, Vh1, or IMF, trust me or any FUSE fan.
FUSE rocks! Give it a chance!
by fueledbymanda January 03, 2008
Contrary to what has been said, it wasn't Much Music. Much Music is stil on in Canada as a seperate channel. It just replaced MuchMusic on the satelitte channels. It WAS however MuchMusic USA. Good station.
If MTV is the Anti-Christ, then Fuse is the gate keeper to Heaven.
by OMGZ AVRIL SUX TEH PENIZ! October 11, 2003
An even better network than MTV will ever be! It has the best shows, and it plays rock videos for hours on end!!!!
Fuse RAWKS dude!
by Joelsblackgirl July 31, 2003
Formally known as Much Music USA. Its really the only music video channel thats just about the music. No shitty reality shows like MTV Cribs, just band interviews and MUSIC VIDEOS. And best off all, they keep the pop-punk and Rap shit to a minimum.
Uranuim kicks ass.
by <><><><> June 22, 2004
A channel that used to be much music...then much music usa, now fuse. Kicks ass, unlike that pathetic excuse for a music channel MTV. Fuse actually plays what people want to hear. Not the teeny bopper bullshit like britney, christinsa, good charlotte, blink 182, simple plan, etc. They also have a kick ass show called Uranium.
Julia C-If there's metal in your cranium, it's time for uranium...
by Cupcake May 22, 2004

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