one of the greatest music networks there's ever been, and it's starting to sell out.
mtv sucks, i hope fuse doesnt become the next mtv.
by dudebuddy July 31, 2008
A music network for failures who think that a channel that shows commercials for every product known to man and has a hip hop countdown is considered a channel for "raw, uncensored, totally underground rock" Plus, the hosts are cocky assholes.
You're deluding yourself if you think fuse is original and/or underground in anyway.
by sherbet_boy January 22, 2006
Once the USA feed of the popular Canadian music channel "Much Music" owned 50/50 by CHUM Limited (Owner of Much Music) and Rainbow Media. Rainbow thought it would be cool to buy the other half. They did and CHUM allowed them to keep using "Much Music" as long as they kept some Canadian shows on the air. Rainbow then turned the channel into a bunch of VJless crap with crop bars on the top & bottom of the screen (MMUSA) and eliminated the good stuff from Canada. Then CHUM ended the licence agreement for that reason and Fuse was born. Much Music is coming back to the US soon.
Rainbow media loves putting crop/color bars on their music channel Fuse.
by Jeremy Andrews April 15, 2004
Another shitty "music" television channel that instead of showing nonstop rap videos like MTV, instead shows nonstop crybaby emo bullshit all day long, like MCR or Hawthorne Heights or Motion City Soundtrack.
Fuck Fuse. It's just another MTV.
by darth zissou September 24, 2005

It's the same as


it's all shit
FUCK music videos...they destroyed music.
A small amount of tobacco added to the end of a joint to aid in its initial lighting
Hey man add a fuse to that joint because that weed is dense so it will be harder to light.
by ZMoneyy September 20, 2008
1. To mess around with, tease.

If you fuse me one more time, I'll kick your ass! I don't like her!
by Danbash August 20, 2008

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