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A hot actress who i would tap in no time.
i always loved Angelina Jolie.
by FhillyMan August 28, 2003
a dumb way to waste time on a beautiful day.
Fuck your homewotk Miss. K!!
by FhillyMan September 01, 2003
Excellent food chain for fat asses who want to lose weight.
Subway kicks ass
by FhillyMan July 19, 2003
a band formed out of the ashes of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine.
audioslave rocks!
by FhillyMan August 20, 2003
The best new network on Cable TV, better than the so called Mtv. Formerly MMUSA(Much Music USA)
Fuck MTV, watch Fuse
by FhillyMan August 19, 2003
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