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Fucked-over rebuilt Dodge
Dude, some wigga in a Ford want to race ure GTP!

Unless its supercharged, I wont waste my time.
by Fordlover April 13, 2003
Quite possibly the worst vehicle manufacturer ever to hit the market. Consequences of buying one of these vehicles include: Faggotry, driveshaft problems, raccoons in your basement, electrical failures, obamacare, bad gas mileage, immigrants, 9/11, cheap interior plastics, cracked engine blocks, racism, Nazism, niggers, moldy cheese, bukkake on your mom's laptop, life in the suburbs, life in prison, watts riots, short powertrain warranty, cracked dash, oil spills and flammable semen. By purchasing one of these vehicles you are automatically signing a contract with Stalin, George W. Bush, Al-Qaeda, Mao, and the Disney channel saying that you're a jew and you hate ice cream and puppies.
I got about ten feet from the Ford dealership before my powertrain warranty expired and my engine exploded.
by incarcerator February 11, 2014
A vehicle that never runs and is needed to be pushed everywhere.

Found On Road Dead
Guy 1"I wonder how he stays in shape"
Guy 2"He drives a Ford"
by Country Boy 34 January 03, 2014
A stereotypical redneck who goes by the name ford named after the car his parents had sex in. He's a guy that loves knives, guns, and fishing!
Friend: hey guys I just shot a couple buck on my way to You: lol your such a ford
by TheAfghan October 26, 2011
Fucked on a raw deal
Found on the road dead
fix or repair daily
person1: dude im about to get a ford
person2: dont man i got fucked on a raw deal by ford my cars constantly falling apart
by bigz September 02, 2007
A River crossing when a bridge is not appropriate
I cant be arsed to make a bridge so i'll make a ford....
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
An adjective used to describe anything that works well for the first day.
Man... this Hyundai is Ford, the door fell off on the way home from the dealership!
by FishStix May 25, 2002