who do you think bought all the blow up dolls? man, ford'd flog his wang all day if he didn't have to clean it up
mesmerised since the day he first touched that little bubble between his legs
by scalp August 05, 2003
For Oversized Rednick Dicks
If your wife weighs more than your Ford than you are a redneck
by Jay-Z March 11, 2003
Flip Over and Read Directions
That blow up dall is a ford.
by Brian December 26, 2002
First On Race Day. Period.
That Ford Mustang GT just beat my Civic!? How can that be?! I thought my 6 foot spoiler and super fast decal stickers made me faster... I don't get it!
by yoyo23 August 22, 2004
F.O.R.D. an acronym for "Fucked Over, Rebuilt Dodge"
by MK November 04, 2002
F irst
O n
R ace
D ay
when i drove my ford i won the race
by azazasas October 11, 2009
Some one with unbelievable knowledge, and skill in the form of FPS games.
Terrorist1: See that guy own our whole team with the D eagle? Terrorist2: Yeah, He is so ford.
by Ford|Rsb January 29, 2008

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