To pass or move an object using more then one person to get the object to target. This is not because of weight, but because of distance. This definition comes from Henry Ford who created the first mass car production line. Pass it down the line....
"Hey man can I have the bong?" dan says "No its to far away" Chris replies "Oh man just ford it down josh."

"hey man, can you ford me the paps?"
by Chris Of Norfolk January 09, 2010
Ford Motor Co. was originally owned and maintained by a member of the ford family, Henry Ford. The Ford family is a rather large family orginally from Ireland. Originally the name was spelled Forde, but as with many names, it was changed as immigrants adapted american culture. Aside From Henry Ford there have been many famous fords in America.
Henry Ford the movie Director(did a few John Wayne flicks)
Harrison Ford, played Han Solo Indiana Jones and many others
Gerald Ford, former president of the United States
by Condord4myt October 06, 2005
First On Race Day. Period.
That Ford Mustang GT just beat my Civic!? How can that be?! I thought my 6 foot spoiler and super fast decal stickers made me faster... I don't get it!
by yoyo23 August 22, 2004
who do you think bought all the blow up dolls? man, ford'd flog his wang all day if he didn't have to clean it up
mesmerised since the day he first touched that little bubble between his legs
by scalp August 05, 2003
For Oversized Rednick Dicks
If your wife weighs more than your Ford than you are a redneck
by Jay-Z March 11, 2003
The best mutherphukkin vehicles ever, that always get you where you are going.
The dodge's transmition fell out, it was then towed to the junkyard by a FORD truck.

The chevy truck got stuck in the mud, so the 4 cylinder ranger had to pull it out in 2 wheel drive.
by Jimrod1992 January 23, 2009
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