the act of faking analingus, using your finger(s) instead of your tongue while making slirping noises. This can be done on women and men
Derek said he didn't like the taste of Josh's butthole so he gave him corn chowder instead
by friendly fire 55 December 15, 2011
the amazingly great food/soup that will make you gain 20 pounds
corn chowder cornchowder
by Jenn Polyot January 12, 2009
The object of a sketch on the comedy show Human Giant. Paul eats corn chowder like it's his job because it IS his job. Rob Riggle performs as Paul's boss.
Riggle's promotional video: "Money. Corn Chowder. They're connected, and they feed back to each other very simply"

Aziz: "That didn't explain anything"
by Tim D. August 19, 2008

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