Found On Reservation Dump
My Jeep can tow your Ford home (if you actually want to bring it home)
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
An adjective used to describe anything that works well for the first day.
Man... this Hyundai is Ford, the door fell off on the way home from the dealership!
by FishStix May 25, 2002
Fucked on a raw deal
Found on the road dead
fix or repair daily
person1: dude im about to get a ford
person2: dont man i got fucked on a raw deal by ford my cars constantly falling apart
by bigz September 02, 2007
Used to describe a woman of loose moral standards/ a slutty whore.

Derived from ford escort.
That disgusting orange yoke over there is dressed so sluttily, what a total ford!
by snifflemonster August 23, 2011
A River crossing when a bridge is not appropriate
I cant be arsed to make a bridge so i'll make a ford....
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
FORD = Found On Road Dead
FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily
FORD = Fucked On Road Daily
Mike is always late due to car trouble. I think his car might be a ford.
by sureshpatila April 21, 2009
Forever Overheating Rusted Dodge
F*cked Over, Retarded Drivers
For Our Reliable Dipshits
Found Often Returned (to) Dealer
See Mustank or Mustang or Tang
I never bought a Ford and I am a better person because of it. I can feel my superiority over the fools who are Ford fanboys because I have an IQ exceeding 30, and a car that can exceed speeds of 30 as well.
by FORD is da beeeeyotch! July 15, 2003
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