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Say what you want about Florida's psuedo-southern status and education system, but just remember: We have Harry Potter world.
Jim, you went to Florida instead of Puerto Rico for Spring Break. I can't be seen with you.

Does Puerto Rico have butterbeer? I have no shame.
by UnicornBob April 01, 2011
Beaches and bitches
Florida is the best in the world
by strangiero September 21, 2003
Two words that you end up with when you put a space between the 'O' and 'R' in 'Florida'.
Dude #1: Dude, I went to Florida last month.

Dude #2: Don't you mean Flo Rida?
by SSimmeee February 25, 2009
nigga wit no flo
we shud crucify flo rida, nelly, and the rest of them busta ass niggas and resurrect hip hop from the dead
by billups1 July 04, 2011
A place where you will see more hispanic people then cuba. Alot of sun. People who live in florida there whole life dont get sunburnt. Not as many old people as most people think. They all live in north florida. which is amazingly boring. Alott of sexy people :] Most of the girls where flip-flops year round.
I want to go to florida. Its fuckin dope.
by Nenaa September 08, 2007
A northern state that over time drifted to the south. A state that is filled with 80 year olds driving 35 on the interstate in Cadillacs and Buicks.
Sam wanted to visit Florida for the hot girls but all he saw was saggy old ladies in one piece bathing suits.
by cbg0990 June 24, 2009
My own personal hell. A place for the newly wed, and the nearly dead. It's an okay vacation spot, but when you move here, you'll see it's not exactly paradise. It's not as pretty as you might think. There's absolutely nothing to do, and no one to meet. Unless you're visiting a retirement home. The beaches ae nice, but even that gets old. Huricanes are the worst. It ains all summer long. The seasons don't change. It's just hot, really fucking hot, and somewhat chilly. More humidity and moisture in the air than a damn sauna. America's penis.
You live in Florida? Sucks to be you.
by WeWereInfinite June 11, 2010