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A place where students fail to recognize that law is not an exact science, and that the law is, essentially, what a jury or a powerful judge says it is. It is not uncommon for the inmates, that is to say, one's classmates, to constantly overanalyze the analyses of analyses. Moreover, regardless of a students' understanding of the law, they will fail to impress on exams, unless they use certain key terms which are only used by lawyers. These terms include: moreover, in sum, unconscionable, keen, cogent, nugget, comity, proportionality, substantial, reasonableness, as it were, precedent, stare decisis, sua sponte, de novo, and various other Latin phrases, the mispronunciation of which most likely has Marcus Aurelius turning in his grave.
I decided to go to law school because I thought it would be a smart move. Then I realized that common law was insanity, and that maybe I should have just moved to France or Sweden with my tuition money. Too late! Now I've made my pact with the Devil.
by Kalitechne January 25, 2010
The most southeastern state of the United States whose shape bears an uncanny resemblance to the male member in its flaccid state. Its nickname as the "Sunshine State" is really a misnomer because, more often than not, the sun is hidden by rainclouds -- a symptom of Florida's year-round humidity. While California, the true sunshine state, is defined by endless sun and beautiful mountain vistas, Florida is a veritable swampland plagued by heavy rain and overcast skies. However, there is the occasional sunny, HUMID day.

On a more sinister note, Florida is the reason why George W. Bush was in office for eight years. Florida is thus responsible for irreparable damage done to the United States, and indeed, to the world. This is a testament to Floridians' intelligence, or lack thereof. In addition, Florida has laws in place which provide complete public access to any private individual's court documents. It is said that upon hearing news of these laws' passage, cable news producers became fully aroused and/or wet.
College Kid #1: Dude, I'm going to South Beach, Florida for Spring Break! You should totally come, bro!

College Kid #2: No, dude, I'm going to Cali. I don't wanna have to worry about rain. What's the matter, bro?? You couldn't afford Mykonos??? Or are you gonna go visit your grandparents down there too...???
by Kalitechne January 28, 2010

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