Florida can be divided into two distinct regions: north Florida and south Florida. North Florida has a more "Deep South" feel, while in south Florida, it seems that everyone is from New York, is Jewish, is Hispanic, or any combination of these. The person before who said that north florida has all the old people must be living under a rock. You can't go on any road in SoFlo where there isn't some old geezer in a Buick driving 15 mph and holding up traffic
North Florida resident: My name's Billy Bob and I enjoy huntin, fishin, n muddin. South Florida resident: My name is Jonah Goldstein and I enjoy playing golf, shuffleboard, and bingo.
by Da561Man November 09, 2011
An old Spanish word for 'FUCK SNOW'.
Dude, fuck snow. I'm moving to Florida.
by zfreelance January 13, 2011
My own personal hell. A place for the newly wed, and the nearly dead. It's an okay vacation spot, but when you move here, you'll see it's not exactly paradise. It's not as pretty as you might think. There's absolutely nothing to do, and no one to meet. Unless you're visiting a retirement home. The beaches ae nice, but even that gets old. Huricanes are the worst. It ains all summer long. The seasons don't change. It's just hot, really fucking hot, and somewhat chilly. More humidity and moisture in the air than a damn sauna. America's penis.
You live in Florida? Sucks to be you.
by WeWereInfinite June 11, 2010
the most southern part of kentucky and the most northern part of havana, cuba.
florida=jacksonville and miami
by robocop911 November 20, 2009
Pretty good place. Except for the fact that the whole 'sunshine state' thing is wrong. In the tampa area(where I live), it rains almost every day for at least 30 minutes in the summer. And the storms can be violent. (And the weather in Tampa doesn't define the weather of the whole state) But when it's not raining it's pretty nice. Everyone thinks that it's really hot, it is, but it's not near as humid as Georgia(my home state) and there's always a slight breeze. There are a lot of palm trees and really great beahes everywhere. A lot of wide open fields with huge neighborhoods packed between them where the houses are 5 feet apart. Many atractions like Busch Gardens, Disney World... etc. Old people retire here. And the beaches are the best to people-watch at. Overall it's okay. Every state has its goods and its bads, so you can't stereotype them by just a few factors. If you wanna know more about Florida, stop reading urban dictionary and visit.
Florida is the southern-most state in the U.S
by IINNGG August 13, 2010
The Old go there to die, the Young go there to ride rollercoasters.
- You going to Florida soon Ben?
- Nah, not in the mood to die or go to the amusement park.
- Movies then?
- OK
by J-Money142 April 08, 2010
A nice place to visit but not live!
Population of nearly dead and newly weds.
For those of us unfortunate souls who were born and raised there its the worst state.
There are 4 sections to Fl; Panhandle -beach, N./Central Fl-southern, Miami (305)- lil cuba, S. Fl- money.
There are only two seasons hot and hotter.
Any education below college level sucks, but if you must go to school there Seminole county is on top.
Your either a Gator or Seminole, no one but Miamians care about U of M.
As for the beaches, the alantic beaches are by far the best, the gulf beaches are nice if you like to feel like your swimming in a warm bath with red tide.
The only exception to that is Sanibel Island beaches, they are like heaven on earth.
The only reason non-floridians say we can't drive is b/c we drive like we have shit to do. Those of you who like to do the speed limit need to move the fuck over, some of us have things to get done, and don't be jealous b/c we can multitask while we drive. I learned how to drive while on the phone! Also if you miss your turn or exit go to the next one and turn around don't cut from the left-hand lane to the right just so you can make your turn..Some of us are trying not to die!
True Floridians don't go to disney everyday b/c we hate tourist.
NO, alligators do not walk around in your backyard unless you live in a swamp.
Not everyone has a pool, and no we don't go to the beach everyday. Not everyone lives on the coast.
For those idiots who don't know Tallahassee is the capitol not Miami.
Florida is of Native American origin, with some spanish influence.
Yes there is a place called Yee-haw junction.

As for FLO RIDA..its pernounced FLORIDA and your fucking form Tallahassee...woopdi fuck doo!
montanan- you guys have cows in Florida
me- duh..we have like the 3rd largest cow population
by floridachic February 16, 2008

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