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a silly person whos saying silly things and is just full of nonsense.
margaret and ryan are both floops!
by Margaret Ryan January 10, 2010
Floop (adjective)-

When An object,situation or person that is awesome in a stupid way.

It is impossible to have something be known simply as "floop" nor is it possible to describe an object as being "floopy" or "floopish"

You must simply declare something as floop after which a fingersnap may be included depending on whether or not it is appropriate.
Person 1: Dude check out my new iphone app, you can make pictures of other people jiggle!

Person 2: AHHHH DOOD THATS FLOOP! *fingersnap*

Person 1: YEA DOOD *fingersnap*
by Followingtom September 28, 2011
A rather difficult move, involving doing a flip and pooping at the same time.
I was using the bathroom when a mouse ran out, I almost flooped
by imyu8it April 21, 2011
When are girl farts, bleeds, and poops at the same time.
"All this sex is making me floop."
by FancyButterflies August 08, 2009
A girl who appears innocent and sweet but has a hidden agenda for some cock.
Guy: "I've been seeing this girl Amanda...you know the one that is always sitting alone at lunch and stuff like that? Well today she asked me to pull it out. I didn't expect her to be a floop."
by titanswearredsox June 16, 2009
A nicer way of saying F**k
"What the floop was that?"
"You're off your flooping tits"
by floopygirl November 15, 2008
n. The noise made when firing a grenade from a Brute Shot in Halo, or similarly when Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 shoots smoke grenades in Terminator 2.
Dave, playing Halo: "Ha! Moron! You'll never kill me with that stupid weapon!" FL00P! <dying scream, body flies up into the air> "Huh..."

T-101 to young John O'Connor: "Get back." FLOOP! <mass destruction>

Son: "I hate having an immigrant father! I hate it!"
Father: "You shtupid boy, I kill ju. I do the floop thing in your burt."
by Rij September 10, 2008