the extremely fast movement of a poop from the anus to the toilet water.
"ow, that floop hurt! I think it left a burn!"
by kaylaashley December 29, 2003
A Belgian snack food morsel promoted by Bassplayer Derek Smalls of the heavy metal group Spinal Tap.

The snack consists of congo chocolate and crushed mass wafers surrounding a core of diced witloof.
"Pick up some Floop...some people find its quite tasty." Derek Smalls
by Wig Wellington August 23, 2009
A substitution for offensive language
'For floop's sake' or 'Floop off'
by Judith December 08, 2004
The really cool guy from the first Spy Kids movie, who was evil in the beginning of the movie, but ended up being nice in the end.
Floop is making spy kids to take over the world.
by Julia February 27, 2004
a word meaning"Cool" in the language Angadian
Aaron: yo iqra, that shirt is trippy yo
Iqra: floop .
by uhagirl May 26, 2009
To inadvertently caress a blunt point with the intention to pinch but failing to do so.
He flooped my left breast!
by Mark Vernon April 16, 2008
verb: to floop (infinitive form): to cup your hand, fart in it and put it in another persons face
That floop that he just gave me was thick and smelly.
by David Mariz January 26, 2010

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