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Floop is a legendary Quake 3 Player, also known as p1ps or vedette. In his carreer he played mostly 1.16n Noghost mod. His demos of him playing Clanbase are very populair because of his great tactics. Floop or Floop1E is almost retired but still playing once in a while.
Who will be your third player?
No, not him!!
by Ze Legend June 10, 2009
an out of place amount of hair upon one's head.

you have a FLOOP
oh, lemme fix that.
by ashmadam February 26, 2011
When you go to drop a boul movement (take a shit) and only a fart comes out
I flooped
What the hell is that?
I went to shit and it was a false alarm
I only farted
by Bobby noxville March 22, 2010
When you are tired and feel like you are "wilting".
I feel a bit floopy, I must sit down
by Tim Fosh June 08, 2004
Short for fruit loops
I'm so hungry, I think imma eat some floops.
by Cantz August 03, 2013
A sexual fantasy.
OMG I flooped last night. It was delicious.
by WeeManIsWeeSex May 14, 2011
A woman that has no apparent care in her outward appearance towards others; many floops can be seen wearing articles of clothing that grip the robasty (real bad nasty) parts of their body. Ofcourse this isn't always the case, sometimes floops are simply just the outcasts trying to fit in by flaunting themselves sexually, or in a inappropriate manner.
nasty whore; prostitute; skank;hoe;slut; B.M.W. (big muthafuckin women) milfs, cougars; anybody could be a floop
by sir muffins December 10, 2010