A cute phonetic change to "oops" used by Amy Wong on the animated television cartoon futurama. Cute and ditzy.
"Floops, I dropped the soap!"
by Ridwan Khan July 25, 2004
Floop (adjective)-

When An object,situation or person that is awesome in a stupid way.

It is impossible to have something be known simply as "floop" nor is it possible to describe an object as being "floopy" or "floopish"

You must simply declare something as floop after which a fingersnap may be included depending on whether or not it is appropriate.
Person 1: Dude check out my new iphone app, you can make pictures of other people jiggle!

Person 2: AHHHH DOOD THATS FLOOP! *fingersnap*

Person 1: YEA DOOD *fingersnap*
by Followingtom September 28, 2011
A rather difficult move, involving doing a flip and pooping at the same time.
I was using the bathroom when a mouse ran out, I almost flooped
by imyu8it April 21, 2011
A woman that has no apparent care in her outward appearance towards others; many floops can be seen wearing articles of clothing that grip the robasty (real bad nasty) parts of their body. Ofcourse this isn't always the case, sometimes floops are simply just the outcasts trying to fit in by flaunting themselves sexually, or in a inappropriate manner.
nasty whore; prostitute; skank;hoe;slut; B.M.W. (big muthafuckin women) milfs, cougars; anybody could be a floop
by sir muffins December 10, 2010
When are girl farts, bleeds, and poops at the same time.
"All this sex is making me floop."
by FancyButterflies August 08, 2009
A nicer way of saying F**k
"What the floop was that?"
"You're off your flooping tits"
by floopygirl November 15, 2008
The sound made when a poopie hits the toilet bowl water.
Dude did you hear that floop
by Tara Wong April 05, 2005

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