n. The noise made when firing a grenade from a Brute Shot in Halo, or similarly when Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 shoots smoke grenades in Terminator 2.
Dave, playing Halo: "Ha! Moron! You'll never kill me with that stupid weapon!" FL00P! <dying scream, body flies up into the air> "Huh..."

T-101 to young John O'Connor: "Get back." FLOOP! <mass destruction>

Son: "I hate having an immigrant father! I hate it!"
Father: "You shtupid boy, I kill ju. I do the floop thing in your burt."
by Rij September 10, 2008
To inadvertently caresses a blunt point with the intention to pinch but failing to do so.
He flooped my left breast!
by Mark Vernon April 16, 2008
Common term in poker.
How is posible to accept all in withouth to see the floop?
by Differentation December 07, 2007
noun - a wet willy of the nose.
verb - a. the act of attempting to give a person a wet willy of the nose b. to successfully give someone a floop
Gross! I hate getting flooped!
Don't you dare try to floop me.
Cover your nose or you may end up with a floop.
by DaveC October 10, 2005
A cute phonetic change to "oops" used by Amy Wong on the animated television cartoon futurama. Cute and ditzy.
"Floops, I dropped the soap!"
by Ridwan Khan July 25, 2004
The sound made when a poopie hits the toilet bowl water.
Dude did you hear that floop
by Tara Wong April 05, 2005
the extremely fast movement of a poop from the anus to the toilet water.
"ow, that floop hurt! I think it left a burn!"
by kaylaashley December 29, 2003

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