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adj, n, o so adorable. couldn't ever do anything wrong, big eyes that prove they're not guilty of anything. Looks as if they couldn't do a lot of things. but really, they're the best at some ;)
by laur-laur August 12, 2003
624 135
1.not having done sth. wrong
2.having little experience of the world, expecially of sexual matters, eril or unpleasant things.
Annewh is an innocent little girl.
by Annewh December 07, 2005
334 96
perfectly sweet; never committing any crimes or breaking rules; never gets in trouble because doesn't do anything wrong; above suspicion, angelic, chaste, clean, cleanhanded, clear, crimeless, exemplary, faultless, free of, guilt-free, guiltless, honest, immaculate, impeccable, impeccant, inculpable, irreproachable, lawful, legal, legitimate, licit, not guilty, pristine, pure, righteous, safe, spotless, stainless, unblemished, uncensurable, uncorrupt, unguilty, unimpeachable, uninvolved, unoffending, unsullied, untainted, upright, virgin, virginal, virtuous
Maggie aka. Moo, Mooglez, Maggs
Maggie is the most innocent person alive.
by Margaret Gumings October 21, 2007
232 58
Looks sweet and cute , and with those eyes could do no wrong! .... Always tries to be bad but is just to goooooooooood , hehehe! .... The only thing missing is the Halo above them!
Tigs and Jackie , who could see them as anything but innocent , hehehe!
by TDreams August 05, 2005
225 77
Pure. Someone who is not naughty.
Example of innocent.
Tammy Tran is the most innocent girl in the world!
by Anonomous111 January 10, 2006
288 158
Someone who looks like they can do no wrong
A young lady looks innocent, but isnt really - Saucer of Milk table for two Meooow!
by MC Ian August 29, 2003
133 42
Completely unaware. Usually found in infants to very young children.
Oh, this little girl looked so innocent!
by Screambug January 09, 2006
160 99