1. some one who is a flaming flamboyant homosexual

2. a very tasty edible snack, in which one might find a nice sweet pleasure from
1."MAN, those are so FRUITY boys in the cub scouts"

2. Eve shouldnt have eaten the forbidden fruit, yeah cause that god damn snake was mean
by Boot-aylicious January 28, 2003

Fear of Revitalization, Urban-Infill, and Towers (FRUIT)

A name given to those who stand in the way of new development because they are afraid of it.
The city needs to supply more affordable housing but all of the FRUITS keep protesting and delaying the process.
by Shy Ronald July 19, 2011
a fruit is a gay guy. usually overweight or really skinny and likes to wear bright colors. They also talk with a lisp or in a fruity voice. They are very outgoing and love to dance and talk.
i'm a fruit. but it really means homosexual.
by sonny vitale v January 13, 2008
Japanese fashionista/hipsters, from the photo book by Shoichi Aoki.
Guy: Hey, look at those fruits!
Girl: I wish I had their style, but I'm just a lame scene kid.
by heavysleeves July 07, 2006
a guy that denies pussy but makes excuses as to why he did it to make him sound straight but picky.
you know who you are you fruit
by Kielle May 26, 2010
Out-of-town dwellers viewed by city folk. (Day trippers). (Tourists).
Country folk in town, dressed in 'day out' clothing. Tourists from foreign parts. Move at a different pace and indifferent to busy locals. Treating all others as the city masses and not individuals. So inadvertently rude at the bar, not engaging with locals and forgetting politeness. On a busy train they will allow one seat for a bag. In a bar they will cut between two people in conversation. Obviously shocked when confronted, as they think they are inoffensive and invisible. That is the most offensive thing about 'Fruit'.
by Dyslexic November 11, 2009
a corny person who doesnt know a clue on what they are talking about.
thats not funny, kid ur such a fruit!
by tOxiiclOvee23 May 15, 2009

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