a corny person who doesnt know a clue on what they are talking about.
thats not funny, kid ur such a fruit!
by tOxiiclOvee23 May 15, 2009
saying that a person has sumthin good like fruit.(sexually related)
Girl yo head is some fruit!!

yo pussy/dick is some fruit!!
by dickluver April 23, 2009
Fruit is best defined with an excerpt from a board game:

This is if you are a gay man....

Or a strawberry.
A. I can't find a single gay guy to hook up with.
B. Why don't you hook up with Cody? He's a fruit.

A. Everybody loves fruit! It has teh vitamin C.
by Yelizaveta January 14, 2009
Really great smelling/smoking weed.
I got some good fruit the other night.
by Scarz March 25, 2003
The "shlong" shape that is seen in the outline of a man's jeans when an erection is present.
Jacob: "You're wearing that to church?"

Sean: "Yeah, why?"

Jacob: "Well... your bearing fruit, dude!"
by Ethan Isaac February 15, 2009
Someone who is a tool, douche, fag, loser, weirdo, or freak, etc...
n. What a fruit!
Michael is a fruit.
by olivepip January 09, 2009
some gay guy that acts"fruity" or (like a girl)
dude look at that guy in tights hes so fruity
by some chick March 31, 2005

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